Our way of giving back to the community


Union Cars is dedicated and passionate about giving back to the community, we believe charity work is key to helping ourselves and the community thrive.

Giving back to the community

Here at Union Cars we believe it is our duty to give back to the community, every month we donate money, items, clothing, etc to charities and people in need. We do this because we care, without our community we are nothing. Our local community helps us to thrive year on year, giving back to them in their time of need is the honourable thing to do.

Christmas at Union Cars 2022!

Last year our Christmas charity appeal was so successful and we collected so many donations for Wood Street Mission! This year we’ve decided to support Perry’s Pantry Foodbank and collect food donations for the 1,200 local families across South Manchester that will rely on them this Christmas.

I’m sure you’re aware that there is a cost of living crisis and many families are struggling financially, that’s why the number of families that rely on food banks is increasing every day. We want to help however we can!

It honestly doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, the families in need will appreciate it. If you would like to help us or can help set up a collection in your local community then please email us at

Donations are currently being accepted at:

Ladybarn Community Hub
Union Cars Office
Union Cars can collect from you on request!

Monthly Donations at Union Cars

This year has been increasingly difficult for our community. The cost of living is rising and more than ever families are turning to the help of food banks. That’s why we’ve decided to help our local food bank Perry’s Pantry (< click to view website!) They’re doing amazing things for our community. Their aim is to help combat food poverty and hunger. Nobody should have to face hunger, no matter their circumstance.

Perry’s Pantry called out for help just before Eid this year, this was to help local muslim families with Halal food, so we went shopping and bought many varieties of lentils, rice, chapatti flour and snacks.  

Christmas at Union Cars 2021

Every year at Christmas we choose a charity and fundraise on their behalf, we have helped raise thousands for charities over the years. This year we have decided to collect donations on behalf of Wood Street Mission, this wonderful organisation helps children and families across Manchester and Salford in need all year round. We’re helping them to appeal for toys and gifts, our aim is to give every child the Christmas they deserve! Please note, we are no longer collecting donations.

Thanks to your generous donations we managed to collect and donate..

A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Donated With Us