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Ready to Rent for success?

~ Private Hire Rental ~

Union Cars has been licenced by Manchester City Council since 1981, meaning we have the experience and knowledge to provide top class private hire rentals. We are currently offering the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid (2022) for rental!

The Importance of a Hybrid Rental

At Union Cars, we are focused on managing and reducing our environmental impact. Our rental cars include fuel-efficient hybrids, which are estimated to reduce global warming pollution by 50 percent. In terms of fuel consumption per passenger mile, our company, Union Cars, is among the most eco-friendly Private car hire services in Manchester. Hybrid cars are extremely eco-friendly since they reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Especially In cities such as Manchester, where traffic fumes lead to air pollution.

Why Rent With Us?

We provide you with far more than just a car. For one weekly payment, we take care of everything for you, making it easy for you to focus on earning.

All our cars are maintained to manufacturer standards.

MOT, Servicing, Repair, and Plates are included in the weekly price meaning your money stays in your pocket. We can also include Insurance for an extra cost!

Our costs are lower than our competitors, we offer cars from £150 a week or from £200 with insurance.

Rent and Drive..

Renting with us means driving with us, we have an exceptionally dedicated team available for you 24 hours a day! 

We are currently accepting drivers who have badges from Manchester City Council and Wolverhampton. 

Union Cars has a wide customer base, ranging from your everyday shoppers to elite corporate accounts so you’ll always be in the driving seat.

The best thing about us…. you are your own boss, you drive whenever you want!

How to Rent..

Renting with us is easy! Simply click the contact button at the top of the page or email us at to make an appointment. We’ll happily help you get on the road.