Go Green

Every ride we offer and every operation we conduct are carbon neutral

Go Green

Union Cars has a strong commitment to protecting the environment and our customers. Keeping transportation clean and efficient is a priority for us. Ethical behavior involves caring for our customers, the environment, the community, and the workplace. Our mission is to contribute to Manchester’s quality of life and we do that with our Go Green Union Taxis.

Go Green Union Taxis

At Union Cars, we are focused on managing and reducing our environmental impact. Our Go Green Union Taxis include fuel-efficient hybrid and electric taxis, which are estimated to reduce global warming pollution by 50 percent. In terms of fuel consumption per passenger mile, our company, Union Cars, is among the most eco-friendly Private car hire services in Manchester.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

As part of our sustainability policy, we have addressed both immediate and long-term impacts of our operations on the environment. We are evaluating ways to reduce our carbon footprint and develop sustainable business practices. We have recently invested in Electric Taxi Manchester – a move that makes us hope for a day when all rides will be electric. Every ride we offer and every operation we conduct are carbon neutral. As part of our long-term company vision, we will continue to offset the carbon footprint of rides around the globe.

Our Hybrid Fleet

Among our fleet of cars we have a variety of hybrid vehicles, which can run on electric and petrol motors together. Hybrid cars are extremely eco-friendly since they reduce emissions and fuel consumption. In cities such as Manchester, where traffic fumes lead to air pollution, Electric Taxi Manchester help keep the air clean.

GPS Reduced Mileage

Bookings are given to drivers in the area nearest to the pickup point when we assign them to drivers. Our booking system locates the most suitable driver for every job. Each Go green Union taxi has a data head that carries a sim card; this card is linked to our system, which enables us to track our drivers remotely.

Paperless Invoicing

Each customer receives an e-mail invoice from our company. Our company no longer prints invoices for customers because we no longer believe it is necessary. We have drastically reduced our paper consumption by printing fewer invoices.

Traveling with us

As an eco-friendly car rental and hire company, we want to minimize carbon emissions and save you money while providing you with a first-class service. Our business practices employ environmental-friendly alternatives throughout, to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. Book online through our easy-to-use booking portal or by calling us at 01612255566. Contact us now!