Union Cars is a Leading Taxi Service Provider in Manchester since 35 Years.

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Little About Us

Union Cars was established in 1982 at the back of what is now the children’s hospital to Cater mainly for hospital staff and students from Manchester University. There were no GPS or internet in those days, so all drivers had to learn their “knowledge” to get around the city. We started with 4 cars and have grown steadily since to become one of the best known Private Hire Taxi providers in Manchester

We are reliable, safe and affordable

We have worked hard for the last 30 years to improve our knowledge of the area and to change and innovate to cater for the varying needs of our customers.
With such extensive longstanding experience are able offer you most reliable, comfortable and safest travel experience at an affordable cost.

An Extra Mile Just for You!

Our emphases have always been on creating a team of friendly, helpful drivers with total commitment to serving our customers. We are also keen to utilize all new technologies and offer advanced bookings online, mobile and by phone, and instant tracking and location of all our cars by GPS. . Despite the ever increasing changes in technology, we maintain a keen emphasis on efficient and friendly customer service, which we believe and this has always been the main reason for our success The coming days are likely to bring as many changes and challenges. At Union Cars, however, we’re determined to go from strength to strength whatever they are.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are looking for a highly creative and motivated drivers to join our team.
This individual will work on a wide variety of assignments in and around Manchester City.
Must be innovative, creative, positive, passionate, team player and able to work with great vehicles while adhering to deadlines.
To be considered for this position, send your resume and portfolio to info@unioncars.co with the word “DRIVER” as the subject.